Les trois Bourgeons

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The restaurant


“Les Trois Bourgeons“

Les Trois Bourgeons offers a menu with specialities from Burgundy

and we prepare a selection of flavours from this region.

The open-plan kitchen offers you the chance to admire the two chef ’s work.



After 8 years of expérience working in restaurants in Tokyo and then moved to France

Worked in Paris for “Le pré verre” and “Au Trou Gascon” Michelin star restaurant for one year.

Worked at “La Cachette” Michelin star restaurant in Valence for one year.

Worked for “KEISUKE MATSUSHIMA” in Nice France as a chef with the owner chef for six years helping to keep the one-star rating in the Michelin Guide.

Moved to Chablis in 2016.

Our Menu


Menu "LTB"

Starter + Main Course + Dessert                    37

You choose from the menu.


For Aperitif

Oyster of Oléron "No. 3"         3€/piece

with lemon, shallot, vinegar and seaweed butter

Kadaïf Fried oyster "No. 1"       4.50€/piece

japanese cocktail sauce, dried bonito, sea lettuce


Lunch Menu

Starter + Main Course or Main Course + Dessert 23euros

Starter + Main Course + Dessert 28euros


Sea Bream

 tartar, turnip, turnip leaf vinaigrette


Egg in red wine sauce "Oeuf en Meurette (supplement 3€)


  Bourguignon Snails 6pieces (supplement 3€)


Chicken supreme

roasted, Chinese cabbage, tomato sabayon


Pochouse -Trout BIO "Prégilbert"- (supplement 5€)

shrimp rillette and fennel


Red wine Braised Beef Burgundy "Boeuf Bourguignon" (supplement 5€)

"Beef cheek", creamy polenta


Dark chocolate

éclair, apple, caramel whipped cream, cottage cheese sorbet



banana cream, blood orange, tarragon ice cream


Cheese plate

selection of "Les Fromages de Thomas


served only from Tuesday to Friday at lunchtime and except on public holidays







Bourguignon snails  6pieces          (Supplement menu 2€)                 

            "Les Trois Bourgeons " style

   Eggs in red wine sauce "Oeuf en meurette"    (Supplement menu 3€) 

             toast, onion, mushroom


Main Course




Red wine Braised Beef Burgundy  "Bœuf Bourguignon"       (Supplement menu €)  

    beef cheek , polenta                                              

   Pochouse -Trout BIO "Prégilbert" -                          (Supplement menu 4€)           





Cheese plate                                                        

          selection "Les Fromages de Thomas"







Our wine

The wine cellar of Les Trois Bourgeons offers a wide selection of Chablis wine,

and Burgundy wines are also available.


Our wine list was compiled under the supervision with Fabien ESPANA.

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Access / Reservation

After confirming your "request details", we will send you a "Reservation Confirmation" e-mail. Please note that your reservation is not confirmed until then. The deadline for online reservations is 48 hours prior to the desired reservation date. For reservations made after that time, please call us.


-Exceptional closure-

We are closed from Tuesday June 25 to Tuesday July 2.
We will reopen on Wednesday July 3.
Thank you for your understanding.

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